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Consequently, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce or use any of the content found on this

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No deep linking is allowed, using frames or iframes, in other words the pages found on the

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Mention must be made of the content source www.groupeidec.com.

This authorisation does not extend to websites of a partisan, pornographic, xenophobic nature

or more generally those which may to a certain extent shock a large proportion of the general



The user is informed that his personal data obtained from the various forms, personalised

services or any other questionnaires are treated automatically by the IDEC Group. This

information will remain strictly confidential and is meant for the exclusive use of the staff and

services of the IDEC Group and its subsidiaries.

Some of the information specifically requested in the online forms is compulsory. Please note

that if there has been a mistake in this information, it is not sent to the IDEC Group.

As laid down in the French Data Protection Act « Informatique et Libertés » law from 6th

January 1978 modified by the law of the 6th August 2004 (articles 38 to 43 of the law n° 78-17

from 6th January 1978 concerning computer data, files and personal liberties),you have the

right to access this information and correct any details or withdraw this information by

writing to the IDEC Group – 37 av Pierre 1er de Serbie 75008 PARIS, FRANCE

For any information about personal data, you can consult the French data protection website,



The IDEC Group does its utmost to ensure that the information supplied here is accurate,

when published. The IDEC Group cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for

any prejudice linked to reading this information.

The IDEC Groups reserves the right to modify, correct or remove any content from the


The IDEC Group cannot be held responsible for the use made by the user of any information

found on this website


The hypertext links found on the www.groupeidec.com website give access to sites that the

IDEC does not control. The IDEC Group can under no circumstances be held responsible for

any prejudice caused by this content or by the websites linked by hypertext.

Web users must ensure appropriate measures are taken to protect their equipment, data and

software, in particular from viruses that may be found over the network. The IDEC Group

cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by a virus when connected to this website.

The IDEC Group absolves itself of all responsibility for any difficulties in accessing this site

or for any breakdown in communication.

Please note that French law applies.

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